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Learning connect

What is classwin?

Classwin is an educational network which links all learning be connected together

Educational Disruption
Classwin is a disruption of education that make everyone can reach the best teacher without school boundary. All classes, all learning materials can be shared, connected and distributed to everywhere and learner can access their class anytime.

  • Free Online school
  • Learning Management System
  • Educational Network
  • Massive Open Online Course

Learning Management System

Save your time from your routine job. We offer a completed solution and powerful tool for any class like  learning material share, auto check assessment, skill evaluation and more. 


Link all students, teachers and schools together. The student can learn from any teacher in the world with a school boundary. A teacher can also share a learning material through the system. 

Payment gateway integration

Receive a course fee easily via credit card. You don’t waste your time to contact a bank or develop your website.

How it work