Blockchain-Based Certification

Classwin can help you issue a certificate via blockchain.

Why Blockchain-based certificate

The new era of educational certificate.

There are millions of paper-based certificates issued from school, Universities, training centers, and organizations each day. Yet, we have long been struggling with the difficulty to verify those certificates whether they are trustworthy or not. Blockchain-based certification is a novel technology that has come and eased such problem.


Same as MIT

Classwin supports both traditional and online classes.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has issued the first Blockchain-based certificate in summer 2017 for 111 graduates, and more than 2,000 certificates nowadays.

Blockchain-based Certificate by Classwin

The easiest way to issue certificate to Blockchain.

Classwin is a Learning Management System (LMS), which can issue blockchain-based certificate. Hence, Classwin is a suitable option for school, Universities, or training centers to increase a trust of certification.

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