Classwin – Features

Enjoy the features which are helpful to manage your class and online school.

Learning Management System

Effective and easy way to manage your class

Helps you manage your classroom and school in the most efficient way and reduces the time spent working repeatedly with Classwin, with more than 20 tools that we have prepared for you.

Learning Materials sharing

Share and acquire a learning materials each others

Why waste your time in preparing all the teaching yourself, or prepare a ton of sheet every semester? You can pull out various learning materials from other teachers And if it is a course you create yourself, you can share it with other teachers to use on Classwin network.

Blockchain-base Certificate

Classwin = LMS + Blockchain

The only one that connects the LMS to the Blockchain network, allowing you to reduce a lot of data in data collection. Studying on Blockchain makes all the data validated and can be assured that it comes from the institution. Like the world’s top universities like MIT does.

Learn, Do assignment, Talk with classmate on your mobile with Classwin